About us

The Office of the National Data Commissioner is responsible for streamlining how public sector data is used and shared to:

  • promote greater use of public sector data
  • drive innovation and economic benefits from greater use of public sector data
  • build trust with the Australian community around government’s use of data

The ONDC is developing a simpler data sharing framework for public sector data. The new legislative framework will help overcome barriers which prevent efficient use and reuse of public sector data, while maintaining the strong security and privacy protections that the community expects.

The ONDC is working with the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner, to ensure that Australia's data sharing framework is underpinned by a strong foundation of transparency, privacy and security. The Australian Bureau of Statistics provides technical advice to the ONDC. 

The ONDC is currently part of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet. New legislation will establish the National Data Commissioner as an independent statutory role.