Public sector data reforms taking shape

Thank you to everyone who made a submission in response to the Discussion Paper, or attended a roundtable, during September and October 2019. Your advice and feedback is helping to shape the Data Sharing and Release legislative reforms.

In the Office of the National Data Commissioner (ONDC), we understand the importance of engaging with a wide range of stakeholders. Since our inception in July 2018, we have endeavoured to continuously listen, learn and improve our work through an ongoing process of public consultation, feedback and iteration.

Between 3 September and 15 October 2019, we sought comments and submissions on a Discussion Paper and Privacy Impact Assessment on Data Sharing and Release legislative reforms. We received 78 submissions, most of which are now available on our website.

We also travelled around Australia, visiting all capital cities and some regional centres to hear the views of interested stakeholders. We held 24 roundtable discussion forums which were attended by a wide range of stakeholder groups.

Your feedback is helping to shape the reforms

Consultation is a valuable mechanism for us to determine not only whether the reforms we’re designing will hit the mark, but to also seek different perspectives and advice from a broad cross-section of the public and various sector experts. The feedback we received so far has reassured us that we are on the right track. While there are some areas that require further consideration, we are now beginning to turn our minds to the operational elements of the legislative framework.

There was discussion on the need for a nationally consistent data sharing framework and people sought clarification on how the legislation would work in practice, including application of the Data Sharing Principles, the accreditation framework and data sharing requests.

Through our consultation, we sought views and advice on some key areas of the proposed reforms. We heard mixed views on some aspects which may need more protections or consideration such as ethics processes, consent, Indigenous data and commercial uses.

We will continue to work hard over the coming weeks to consider these views in detail to refine policies underpinning the legislation.

Register for our webinar

We will be holding a webinar in December 2019 - you can register your interest now. If you aren’t available on the day, it will also be made available on our website.

During the webinar, we will provide an overview of the legislation, discuss what we have heard so far from our consultations, and invite you to ask questions. You can also submit a question beforehand.

Next steps

Our consultation will continue over the next few months while we continue to draft the new legislation. We’ll commission a second Privacy Impact Assessment on the draft legislation, and ensure information about the data reforms is available to the Australian public and our stakeholders.

Our approach to listen, learn and improve has meant we have been able to seek views, test policy solutions and improve our policy positions through engaging in conversations with a broad range of stakeholders.

If you would like to continue to be involved in our consultation on these important reforms, I encourage you to sign up to our newsletter to keep up to date on what is happening in the ONDC.

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