Accreditation Discussion Paper

The Office of the National Data Commissioner has released a Discussion Paper on the proposed Accreditation Framework, which was open for submissions between 14 September and 6 November 2020.

Individuals and their organisations (data users) must be accredited by the National Data Commissioner before they can access public sector data under the legislation.

Accreditation will provide:

  • accountability and transparency about who is accessing government data
  • oversight of those requesting access to government data to ensure they adhere to the standards of government data use
  • a standardised approach to negotiating the terms of access.

Accreditation will ensure data users meet a range of requirements prior to receiving access to government data. The accreditation process will make sure data users understand their obligations and responsibilities when handling government data. This includes successfully completing mandatory training through the Office of the National Data Commissioner.

We are interested in hearing your thoughts about the proposed accreditation framework. Read the draft Framework and make a submission now.