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2021 Privacy Impact Assessment

Publish date: 16 April 21

Types: Resources

Topics: Privacy

The Office of the National Data Commissioner commissioned an independent Privacy Impact Assessment on the Data Availability and Transparency Bill as introduced to Parliament on 9 December 2020.

How has 2020 changed us already?

Publish date: 13 March 20

Types: Contribution

Topics: Public Data

In 2003, science fiction author William Gibson was interviewed in the Economist magazine. He said something—which always rattles around inside my head—that was as simple as it was provocative. “The future,” he said “is already here, it is just unevenly distributed”.

Author: Professor Genevieve Bell

Professor Genevieve Bell

Biosecurity by numbers

Publish date: 16 December 19

Types: Contribution

Topics: Public Data

Every year biosecurity officers, working for the Department of Agriculture, intercept thousands of plant and animal items before they can enter Australia and potentially devastate entire industries; 2019 was no different.

Author: Department of Agriculture

Department of Agriculture