Assessing data requests

All data requests made through the Data Availability and Transparency Act (DATA) scheme will need to be assessed against the data sharing principles.

The data sharing principles will help federal government agencies assess the benefits and risks of accepting or declining a data sharing request.

The principles are:

  • Why the data is being used (Projects Principle)
  • Who is using the data (People Principle)
  • Where the data is being used (Settings Principle)
  • What data is appropriate (Data Principle)
  • How the results of the project are used (Outputs Principle)

The data sharing principles are based on the Five Safes, an international standard for managing the risks of data sharing, which is used by organisations such as the Australian Bureau of Statistics and the UK Data Service.

Read the sharing data safely guide to find out more.

The DAT Bill is currently before the Australian Parliament.

A copy of the DAT Bill is available on the Australian Parliament House website.

You will also find copies of:

  • the DAT Bill’s Explanatory Memorandum
  • the Minister for Government Services’ Second Reading Speech.